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“Bridging  the gap of Minority Mental Health needs through creatively navigating  systemic success and wellness.”

Mission Statement 

It is the mission of Dream identity to help Healthcare workers, minorities, the youth of our communities  and their families  break generational cycles, remove unhealthy norms, and take advantage of our resources and support so you can live your dreams despite your past and current experiences. Helping you cultivate the person you strive to be. Using  years of training and experience, to help you discover and acknowledge the unique powers you hold within! Providing counseling, support, self development tools and community based services,  that teach those we serve how to utilize assertiveness and creative ways to cultivate who you want to be and reach the life you want to live. 


The vision of Dream Identity is to use our experience in counseling to create new result driven services and tools that will continue to help individuals and family systems cultivate the life they want well into the future. We break the stigma by improving mental health in our communities through a multitude of services for collective healing.


Danesha Simmons, is a Mental Health Counselor Intern in the State of Florida and founder of Dream Identity.  The organization was created to help Healthcare workers, minorities, the youth of our community and their families learn how to break generational cycles, remove unhealthy norms, and  take advantage of the resources and support that can be given to us in efforts to follow our dreams despite our past and current experiences. Danesha works under the belief that Community is built within each individual.

  “If we are all individually accountable for how we are cultivating our best self, we create a greater community.”


 Dream Identity means the ability to be your authentic self, internally and externally.  Guided by her purpose of  encouraging others to identify their personal strengths and attributes that are unique to creating their authentic selves and work towards overcoming life challenges through creative release. Danesha has created multiple services in the mental health field to promote holistic wellness within the community. The initiative for people, especially minorities, to continue to find hope in their outcomes began in 2020. In the brink of Covid-19 and the highlight of racial injustice, the experience of defeat and lost dreams encompassed the country. Danesha began a purpose driven mission to improve the state of mental health for minorities by providing psycho-educational videos on youtube about effective coping. Danesha also started the online Art-to-Heart segments to help families use artistic and creative release while at home.  These segments eventually led to in person wellness consulting through public speaking and in person Art-to-Heart art therapy technique and release groups to serve people of the SWFL community. 

Inspired by the people in her life that continue to maintain a positive outlook, authentic character and faith in some of their darkest moments of life, their will to strive showed Danesha that failure is only when you stop trying, not when life shifts direction. Teaching her that dreams are made from constant trial and error and change is inevitable to create our Dream Identity.


Some of the Mental health and self developmental services Danesha and her Organization Dream identity provide include  minority advocacy, business wellness consulting, public speaking, psycho-educational counseling. Art-to-Heart art therapy technique and release groups and Teen Art-to Heart Summer Camp Scholarships.


Holistic Wellness:  Danesha's approach for individuals, families, and the community is to promote holistic wellness.  She connects the ability to incorporate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with real-talk therapy.  Danesha uses psycho-education, practices of mindfulness, and expressive art therapy techniques to help you grow from a life of carrying those heavy feelings inside to effective coping.  She works with her client's to help them find effective solutions to get off their routine “go-mode” of life and find time for yourself to promote balance and stress release. 

As a National Certified Counselor, Danesha  holds value in collaborating with community partners to speak and promote social change.  As a Life Coach, she uses an array of skills to provide services that give you solution focused tools for success.  As a Certified Trauma Professional,  she believes that the individual is a part of a greater system and shares a role for cohesion and support.  As a wellness consultant, she serves the SWFL area to promote minority mental health and and help share education of systematic needs for collective healing.

About Me: About Me
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Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern #19215
Clinical Supervisor: Andria Estrella-Roa, LMFT License ID

  • Certified Family Trauma Professional

  • Clinical Telemental Health Certification

  • Expressive Therapies: Creative Interventions for Emotional Regulation and Self-Awareness Trained

  • Mindfullness Certified

National Certified Counselor

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  • American Counseling AssociationGulf Coast Mental Health Counselor Association

  • Minority Mental Health Committee of SWFL

  • Psychology Today

  • Therapy for Black Girls

  • Therapy Tribe

  • Thervo

About Me: About Me
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